Frequently Asked Questions

Common issues and questions on the SEQTA Learn and SEQTA Engage apps

Is using the app the same as accessing SEQTA Engage or SEQTA Learn via the web?

The iOS or Android app may look slightly different from the browser version, but they are functionally equivalent. You can see everything and do everything on the app that you can in the browser.

I'm having trouble logging in – what am I doing wrong?

Your school will need to have set up an account for you before you can login. You should have received an email with your account details; if you didn't, you may not have an account, and you'll need to contacy your school directly.

I'm a parent with two (or more!) students at the school. Will I see all of their info?

Yes, of course! Some menus will show information that is combined for both students (like notices and school documents). Other pages, with school-specific information (like assessments, courses, or reports) will let you choose the right student after you choose the page.

I'm a parent with students at two (or more!) schools with SEQTA. Can I access both?

Absolutely. Once you've logged into one school, tap the "switching arrows" icon up at the top, and register the second school. You can then tap this button to switch schools at any time.

Note that on your home screen, the notification count will count notifications from all the schools you've set up.

I can see different items in the menu for different schools. What's going on?

Schools have a lot of flexibility and control over how they customise SEQTA Engage for their parent/guardian community. This includes settings some pages to be available and not others. If you have questions about what content is available, please contact the school directly through their appropriate channels.

Why do some assessments look different?

What you can see for each assessment is dependent on the settings chosen by both the school as a whole, and the teachers coordinating the specific course. This means that you might see marked, or graded assessments, or you may or may not see comparative statistics. Some teachers may leave written feedback, or request student reflection. These settings may also be different from one assessment to the next within a course.

I can't find my marks!

Firstly, make sure that you are checking in the individual course item in the assessments list, and not under the 'Upcoming assessments'.

There are a number of settings controlling when marks are released to students (and guardians). Even if the teacher has collected up and marked some of the work, they may still be waiting to mark the work of other students in the cohort before releasing all student marks.

If you're concerned that your student's teachers are not releasing marks, please contact the school directly through their appropriate channels.

Why is my timetable different some weeks?

Timetables in SEQTA are live representations of what is actually happening each day, rather than a static generalisation. This means non-teaching days, holidays and other times when the timetable changes should be reflected on the timetables that you see. This also means that if your school is adding events, extra-curricular classes and so on, you may also see these on the timetable.

I'm a parent – why do I have a calendar in SEQTA Engage?

Some schools may request meetings or interviews, or schedule events, to which you are invited. These will appear in your calendar, and you will also be issued with a notification when the staff member enters the appointment or event. You can click on the items in your calendar to view further details as required, and some communication options may also be available to you from there.

What on earth is a "direqt message", and why is it misspelt?

Direqt messages are like a closed-loop emailing system. You can communicate with your own students, and with the staff at the school. All sent direqt messages are logged in the system. When you receive a new direqt message, you will also receive a notification.

We're big fans of the letter "Q" at SEQTA – but we're working on it. ;)

I have other questions that you haven't answered – who do I contact?

You'll need to contact the school directly. SEQTA Software won't be able to help, unfortunately, as we're only allowed to help school staff, and we'd hate for you to be frustrated with us!